York and Carolina icons for you and your bae

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Anonymous: Is that King Ryan?

Mad King Ryan and Geoff’s mustache of glory are the most important things of achievement hunter tbh

That mustache is greatness.

And, yes.

look at these Achievement Hunter headshots that I sketched during a Let’s Play Minecraft Marathon

More expressions practice, with Simmons!

Don’t even ask me what his hair idek



If you don’t think Simmons has the biggest, adorable, crush on Riker from TNG, boy, do i have some news for you. 

That poor boy falls for all the charming and brave 21st century sci-fi leading men. He totally has a poster of John Sheppard from SGA on his wall

How bad is it?

York will not survive.

hesmyboi: Thank you for the happy Yorklina kisses there isn't enough happy and cute Yorklina

oh, gosh, you are totally welcome and I’m glad you like it uwu

i am also really sorry for the next yorkalina picture

yorkalina smooches

Some female freelancer baes ~

Some female freelancer baes ~